We offer website programming and website designing services that includes one free domain name and one year website hosting with 24/7 support, custom design and coding, high quality photos, custom design logos, etc.

Why ArtanWeb?

We use our codes and our designs.

We never let customers be unhappy.

We do SEO during coding and after coding.

We plan for timing , design quality and code quality.

Our finished websites works on most of browsers and devices.

Our website programmers can do the best for SEO and clean coding.

Our website designers know how to design your website objects and colors as you need.

Static website

Dynamic website

Logo and Animated Logo

3D Logo and Animated 3D Logo

Photo , Video , Audio editing

Designing Banners , Commercial Advertisement and Bussiness card

Web based Applications and Plugins

Website Themes and Plugins

Android Apps

User Interface Design

Appearance is one of the most important things in your website. Users want to browse your website easily, so your website should be beautiful and easy to use .

Don't forget, your users should like your website user interface and we know what users like and dislike. Your website shouldn't confuse users .


We usually use PHP , JS and CSS for coding. For customers who need unlimited pages we use Wordpress CMS to build a custom designed wordpress theme and plugins . For customers who need limited pages we use PHP , JS and CSS to make custom designed website .

Clean and principled coding can increase speed of a website or an application.

Responsive web design

Responsive web design is a method to compatible website appearance with most of the devices.

For example, check on your laptop , desktop pc , tablet and mobile. Website elements will resize as well as possible and those will change for the device automatically, so users don't have to zoom in/out and scroll left/right to see small elements. Your website shouldn't bother users .

Android Apps

Another way to making your good business better is building applications for your business. These days most of successful companies have their own mobile applications to show their business and keep their users.

Most of people are more comfortable to use their phones and tablets to find the their needs. Another reason to have an app is to keep your users until they have your Android App on their phones.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization . We know search engines rules , so we can do SEO as well as possible.

Your content , html tags , writing codes , images , etc can affect your rank in search engines . We do SEO during coding and designing. We don't use fake SEO , link exchange and fake views to change your ranking in search engines.

We do real SEO according to search engines rules .


We use top web hosting services with 24/7 support. We also support your website or app for repairing or changing. You can call or send email and sms to contact us 24/7 . We'll solve your issue as soon as possible.

We repair or change your website or app anytime you need. (if it's created by us)